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Carrots: A key part of the dietary puzzle

Adam Costello

It seems like everyday there is a new, relatively obscure, "super food" plastered on the front cover of Men's Health or Fitness Magazine.  You won't hear a single thing about goji berries or ginseng in this post.  We're here to sing the praises of the earthly carrot.  

Whether you're chomping on a fiery orange, dark purple, short or fat carrot, you should know you're doing your body a big favor.  We've been in on the secret powers of the carrot for a while now which is why you'll find carrots in each and every one of our GO Boxes.  

Here's why carrots are so dang good and why you should pat yourself on the back next time you're enjoying one:


Glucose regulation in your blood

  • Carrots are high in dietary fiber. Besides doing loads of other great things for your body, dietary fiber slows and regulates the release of glucose in your blood, helping you maintain high energy levels throughout your day and decreasing dramatic  swings in blood sugar levels that can stress out your pancreas and liver.  

Cell repair

  • Demanding training sessions damage cells.  Our orange buddies help repair these cells, expediting recovery so you can take on your next training session with gusto!

Ocular maintenance  & repair

  • You probably learned this one back in grade school.  Carrots maintain and repair your eyes keeping your vision clear over the years and helping you see in the dark.

Breath better

  • The carotenoids in carrots (from which these root vegetables get their name) improve lung function.  You're an athlete.  You need to breathe.  Breathing better is good.  Eat carrots. 

Strong bones

  • The pickled carrot in all of our GO Boxes is a stellar source of Vitamin K.  Combined with Calcium, Vitamin K strengthens your bones.  Don't whither away like Gumby, eat carrots and take care of your bones!

Slows aging

  • Live FOREVER!  Just kidding.  Our tuber friends aren't the new fountain of youth but should be a part of a diverse diet high in fruits and veggies that will help you stay active longer. 

Do yourself a favor, eat carrots.