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Weekly Workplace Wellness Deliveries

Good nutrition is a competitive advantage for your team

Today's workforce is busier than ever. Employees are increasingly aware of the importance of healthy eating, but they have less time to prepare meals or buy high-quality local vegetables. 9 Miles East Farm offers convenient workplace delivery services that integrate with other company wellness programs. Employees are healthier, more productive, and more loyal.

Go Boxes

9 Miles East Farm offers year-round weekly delivery of healthy meals called GO Boxes. GO Boxes are made with whole grains, fresh vegetables, and farm-made dressings. Everyone knows they are supposed to eat this way but it's hard to make the time. So 9 Miles East Farm prepares healthy meals and delivers them to workplaces on a regular weekly schedule. No pre-order or subscription is required -- employees can opt in to receive a weekly announcement, then pick up meals at work for lunch or dinner.

Go Bags

Go Bags are seasonally available bags of freshly harvested vegetables grown at 9 Miles East Farm. We grow great varieties of the vegetables people use every day: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. GO Bags save you a trip and give you what you need to put a healthy meal on the table despite your hectic schedule. 9 Miles East Farm harvests and delivers within 24 hours for the best flavor and nutrition. And the economy of scale in delivery makes GO Bags a great deal as well.