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Athens GO Boxes


Athens is a high-protein Greek GO Box made with cucumber or zucchini, Kalamata olives, almonds, Vermont feta cheese, organic tri-color quinoa, and organic baby greens. Red wine vinaigrette seasoned with Greek spices.

Benefits of the Box

  • Boost Energy Levels

    • With 23 grams of protein, the Athens GO Box is a great source of high quality protein – almonds, quinoa and chickpeas. Adequate amounts of protein in our daily diet are important for growth, body tissue repair, and a healthy immune system.

  • Keep Your Gut Happy and Healthy

    • With 22 grams of fiber, the Athens GO Box is a great source of digestive fiber – quinoa, oregano, carrots, almonds and chickpeas. Fiber is a key element in a healthy meal that leaves you feeling satisfied, decreases your risk of obesity, and reduces bacterial toxin build up in the digestive tract.

  • Fight Belly Fat and Load Up On Vitamins

    • The Athens GO Box is a great source of healthy fat, specifically monounsaturated and polyunsaturated that are found in olive oil. These good fats play an important role in a healthy diet – they improve blood lipids, control blood pressure, insulate body tissues, transport vitamins through the blood and fight visceral belly fat. They’re also super important for our digestion because they aid in the absorption of critical vitamins and nutrients.