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Current Menu

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Menu for Jan. 24-30

Gordon Sacks


GO Bags: Hibernating. Back in the spring.

GO Boxes:

  • Athens Greek-style GO Box (vegetarian, chicken, Paleo)
  • Bistro French-style GO Box (vegetarian, chicken, Paleo)
  • Valencia Spanish-style GO Box (vegetarian, chicken, Paleo)

Dinner to GO and soups:

  • Provencal chicken stew, side of whole-grain basmati rice

  • Boeuf Bourguignon with Vermont grass-fed beef, organic veg, side of boiled red potatoes

  • Five-onion soup (vegan)

  • Tomato and white bean soup (vegan) 

Seasons pizza special (local delivery only):

  • Moroccan-style harissa with preserved lemon and linguica sausage from North Country Smokehouse
    Get yours at www.pizzadelivery.far