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Current Menu

NOTE: availability of individual items not guaranteed at all locations.

Menu for Aug. 27 - Sept. 2

Gordon Sacks

GO Bags: Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, hot peppers, summer squash, lettuce, fresh parsley

GO Boxes:

  • Heirloom GO Boxes with roasted beets (vegetarian, chicken, Paleo)

  • Tel Aviv Middle Eastern GO Boxes (vegetarian, chicken, Paleo)

  • Banh Mi Vietnamese GO Boxes (vegetarian, chicken, Paleo)


Dinner to GO and soups:

  • Chicken chili verde with tomatillos over whole-grain rice
  • Mexican-style stir-fry with local beef and farm-made chorizo sausage
  • Butternut squash bisque
  • Manhattan-style corn chowder

Seasons pizza special (local delivery only): Sweet corn and mushroom two ways. Red features tomato sauce made with our own fresh tomatoes. White swaps in whipped ricotta with sweet corn. Both are winners. End August right. 

Pop-Up at Saratoga Apple Friday and Saturday nights: BLTs. Arguably the ultimate sandwich, with nitrate-fee local bacon, our own tomatoes and lettuce, on farm-made sunflower sourdough bread with garlic aioli. ELTs feature big slabs of grilled marinated eggplant for vegetarians or anyone so inclined. Or go-all in with the BELT.